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About Us

About the Klammer

                Klammer Dave started out as a long line fisherman from the Jersey Shore – no not that Jersey Shore, Beach Haven! He moved his fishing prowess to Florida in the late 70’s where he added shrimping, clamming, & scalloping to the list. In the late 80’s his back had enough and he started his next adventure.

While recovering from surgery he would walk south Cocoa Beach, FL and pick up drift wood. After he got the wood home he saw fish and birds and other strange creatures in them…….yep, he sees things in things. His first  show was in Melbourne in _  where he was overwhelmed & sold out of everything. Off he went!

Now Klam’s creations can be found in about all 50 states and overseas. He has many collectors and he appreciates them all.

Working with what gets in front of him – be it drift wood, old recycled home boards, and whatever is dumped in our back yard – he has created a family of oddities of the whimsical nature. There is not a shovel head, old pot, or discarded item that does not make its way into his shop if it makes it to the yard!

Come by sometime and see what he is up to now! Our door is usually open to tours (no charge) and a cold drink. He is happy to show you to the garden or the invisible tree if you need a veggie or quiet rest.

Y’all come see what is goin’ on! Klammer’s Wife (the one who gets the insurance!)

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